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Sant Lluís

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Sant Lluís

With a population of 7,000 inhabitants, the town of Sant Lluís was founded in 1762 during French control of Menorca. The island owes its name to King Luis IX of France. The city centre is formed by narrow, orthogonal streets of white homes, highlighting the church, city hall and windmills as well as some French-styled buildings.

Tourism is the main economic activity of the Sant Lluís coastline. The end of the past century witnessed a boom in tourism, making fishermen’s villages such as Alcaufar and Biniancolla construct modern estates around beaches and coves to the likes of Salgar, Punta Prima, Binibeca and Binisafua among others…
The town of Sant Lluís has numerous businesses that supply locals and tourists who choose such estates to spend their holidays in Menorca.

Featured areas in Sant Lluís


S’Algar is one of these estates that came about as a result of tourism in the latter half of the past century. The estate does not have a sandy beach; however, 80-meter-long concrete platforms with hammocks were constructed to allow visitors to enjoy the clear waters of the area.


This small estate was around before the tourism boom occurred in the island. The beach is a small port and is quite crowded primarily by Minorcans. Small moored vessels pile up over the sand to the left of the beach. Alcaufar has a small supermarket and some restaurants. This small city centre is perhaps one of the most idyllic of the island. On the third week of August, this tiny coastal town celebrates its festivities with spectacular, fiery ambience and a castle of fireworks.

Menorca - Sant Lluís

Punta Prima

It is one of the most frequented beaches in the area. Numerous villas and hotels were built around the area. It is one of the coves most lauded by Minorcans due to its smooth white sand and impressive clear water imbued with turquoise shades. However, if there is something that makes Punta Prima stand out, it is the Isla del Aire whose awe-inspiring lighthouse sits facing the beach.

Son Remei – Son Ganxo

The Son Remel and Son Ganxo estates are found between Punta Prima and Biniancolla. These residential estates only offer villas. The zone is well-esteemed by tourists who seek peacefulness and desire to be at at least, a 5-minute distance from the sea.

Menorca - Sant Lluís


Like that of Alcaufar, the small estate found in the Biniancolla cove existed prior to the tourism boom occuring in the late past century. The architectural designs of the small homes that border the zone are imbued with its fishing past. The small sandy beach is presided by numerous vessels resting alongside the cove. In spite of its small size, the cove has a restaurant and aquatic slides from sur-Menorca approximately 500 meters away–a perfect plan to enjoy with the little ones in the family.

Cala Torret

The small Cala Torret is a fishermen’s settlement constructed to promote tourism in the zone. The settlement has bars, restaurants with sea views, a supermarket and some businesses. This small cove is surrounded by small, single-family homes, perfect to spend a few days in Menorca. The services which this tiny cove offers, as well as its tranquility and family-oriented features make it to be one of the best options for those who seek to escape areas encroached by big hotels.


The famous Binibeca is one of the many touristic emblems of Menorca. It is also most certainly one of the most coveted locations for tourists. As has been the case in many occasions, it just so hapens that an estate turns into a first-rate touristic attraction. Binibeca witnessed the construction of housing sites to emulate an old fishermen’s town. The buildings are not related to old fishermen’s settlements in other parts of menorca, but they do form part of any tourist route. The houses are pure white, including the rooftops. In the tourist zone, you can find all types of services, restaurants, souvenirs, supermarkets, ice cream shops… Without a doubt, we recommend visiting the Poblado de Pescadores in Binibeca–it is a spot full of special charm.


Surrounded by an estate with the same name, the cosy cove of Binisafua is an idyllic place for those who desire to enjoy holidays with family. The white, fine-grain sandy beach is small in size with peaceful waters–perfect to go with children.

Menorca - Sant Lluís

Cap den Font

Cap den Font is an estate with exclusive villas located in a small peninsula of the island, boasting one of the many treasures of Menorca only a few metres away — el Caló Blanc. The small Caló Blanc is one of the most frequented spots of Menorca due to its cleanliness and the colour of the waters.

Useful information


San Lluis is located only 4 km away from Majon. In only 10-15 minutes, it is easy to arrive to the capitol by car from any spot of the municipality. The airport is 8 km away and Ciutadella, 50 km.

Public Transport

A regular bus travels to and from Mahon to the town of San Lluis and its estates.

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