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With approximately 5,000 inhabitants, Ferreries is the highest municipal in Menorca. Its origin dates back to the late thirteenth century, during which blacksmiths decided to settle down at this location with the logical aim to repair carriages and change horseshoes of all those who crossed Menorca.

Ferreries is an entrepreneurial town. The first stop for any visitor has to be the Jaime Mascaró shoe factory, the most exclusive shop of the Balearic Islands. It has managed to cross the borders of half the world, setting up stores in the most important and exclusive cities of the world.

Alongside with its small old town of white houses and cobbled streets, Ferreries has craft shops; butcheries that prepare their own sausages; shoe stores that sell handmade shoes; good restaurants and bakeries that make the best bread in Menorca.

Featured areas in Ferreries

Cala Galdana

The beach of Cala Galdana, as well as its estate are what tourist families most enjoy in the south coast of Menorca. Apart from offering all types of services, several hotels, villas and even a charming marina, Cala Galdana has some views and waters that can entice any person.

You will find all types of international food restaurants in Cala Galdana. The location is good to lay out the towel. The beach has all types of services, hammocks, kayak rentals. You can even rent one of those small speed boats without a licence in order to reach the best untouched beaches in southern Menorca, which are located a short distance away from Cala Galdana.

Cala Mitjana

The municipality of Ferreries has one of the most famous virgin beaches in the island, Cala Mitjana. Its white, fine-grain sang, crystal clear waters and staggering landscape make it to be one of the most visted and photographed beaches.

Menorca - Ferreries

Cala Mitjana is located a short distance away from Cala Galdana. You can arrive there via either el Camí de Cavalls or by simply leaving the car in the parking lot which is on the Cala Galdana road. There are no services or buildings on this beach, only nature.

Els Alocs

Ferreries has another virgin beach belonging to the municipality In the northern Menorca– Els Alocs. This is a little-travelled cove, which is accessible via the Camí de Tramuntana. The landscape from the northern area contrasts with that of the southern area. The Tramuntana winds has left its mark on Menorca’s north coast, which can be seen in the natural surroundings alongside the beaches.

Useful information


Ferreries is only 15 km away from Ciutadella and its ferry terminal. Mahón and the airport are 28 km away from the town.

Public Transport

Cala Galdana, Ciutadella, Mahón, Es Mercadal, Es Migjorn and Alaior are connected to Ferreries via public buses.

Properties listed in Ferreries