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Es Migjorn Gran

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Es Migjorn Gran

Located in southern Menorca, with little more than 1,500 inhabitants, Es Migjorn Gran clearly exemplifies the islanders’ Mediterranean personality. This municipality is comprised of the Es Migjorn urban centre and Sant Tomàs estate, as well as the beaches of Trebaluger, Cala Fustam, Cala Escorxada, Binigaus, Sant Adeodat and Atalis.

Its geographic location between ravines turns it into a unique location. Its abundance of nature has resulted due to the knowledgeable melange of economic growth and territory protection.

During the summertime, the village is energetic with much liveliness and happiness concentrated in the streets. Traditional festivities are held during high season and welcome a majority of visitors. during the most energetic and dynamic season, bar terraces, nighttime bazaars and art/music performances breathe life into the town.

Starting off from the centre of town, la plaza de la iglesia, and origin of the municipality back in 1768, you can reach one of the rural roads in a few minutes where several remains of the prehistoric era of Menorca can be found.

Featured areas in Es Migjorn Gran

Santo Tomás

The urban centre of Santo Tomás is located approximately 4 km away from the town centre. This estate has and is the most economic source for the municipality. The estate offers hotels, villas, supermarkets, bars and restaurants…

From this location, if you go towards the East, you can access Atalis beach. If you go towards the West, you have the virgin beaches of Binigaus, Cala Escorxada, Cala Fustam and Cala Trebaluger.

This list of natural spots highlights an incomparable setting of white sand and crystal clear waters. An ideal environment to enjoy the classic “beach and sun” or hiking along the Camí de Cavalls bordering the coast.

Menorca - Es Migjorn Gran

Useful information


Es Migjorn is located in the south centre of Menorca. The airport is located approximately 24 km away from the town. The capitol, Mahón, is also located 24 km away from the municipality. If you arrive by boat to the port of Ciutadella, the distance is approximately 30 km.

Public Transport

During the wintertime, buses travel to and from Es Migjorn Gran and Ferreries and Es Mercadal. During the summer, the municipality has an extended, regular bus network, going from Santo Tomás to Ciutadella and Mahón.

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