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Es Castell

Located only 2km away from Mahón, Es Castell is a village with 500 years of history, which boasts of having one of the most interesting pasts in Menorca. Built in the shadow of which once was the enormous Castle of San Felipe, at the marina entrance of Mahón, it offers a magnificent street layout. It converges in the wide Armas Square, surrounded by old military barracks and converted in the core of the villa.

Es Castell is hugged by Calesfonts and Cala Corb, where traditional fishing and bar and restaurant leisure come together. The village has the privilege of being located at the marina entrance of Mahón. Its seafront façade is an unbeatable lookout to the sea where the visitor can enjoy the first break of sunrise in Spain.

Walking around this village serves as a continuous remembrance of its British origins. The village was founded in 1771 during English rule, and was named George Town in honour of King George III of Great Britain.

With the Spanish repossession of the island in 1782, the villa changed its name to Villa Carlos, honouring King Charles III of Spain. Nowadays its traditional name has been recovered–the one it has always been known for in Menorca: Es Castell. Its name is in tribute to the village’s origin in the vicinity of the Castle of San Felipe.

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Es Castell’s picturesque marina is Calesfonts. It is a wonderful place in which a morning stroll allows the visitor to embrace a unique feeling of peacefulness, calmness, tranquility and quietness–all of which are hard to find anywhere else as you observe fishermen prep before they sail the waters.

The feel at Calesfonts switches completely at night, turning into a place where both locals and tourists come together in a search for a good restaurant to enjoy the island’s gastronomy. Calesfonts offers all sorts of restaurant: from Italian to tapas, and creperies to restaurants specialised in fish and seafood. It is also common to find a place to enjoy a relaxing drink near the sea after dinner.

Menorca - Es Castell

Sol del Este

One of the urban hubs that Es Castell has is Sol del Este, a peaceful residential estate of white houses located only 1 km away from the centre of the village. It is a community of villas that has the honour of being the first residential estate to enjoy the the breat break of sunlight in Spain. The area has a supermarket and some bars and restaurants in the vicinity of Cala Pedrera.

Sant Esteve Cove

At the entrance of Mahón’s marina there lies the pleasant cove flanked by Malborough fort and the remains of the Castle of San Felipe. The site no longer recalls the belic past that the area once lived. Nowadays, it is a small community of whitewashed houses integrated within the rocks. Its sea views and possible visit of the two castles that surround it make this place one of the most visited for those looking to learn more about Menorcan history.

Useful information


Es Castell is located less than 2 km away from Mahón. The airport is about 7.5 km away from the village. If you reach Mahón by boat, the Ferries terminal is about 6 km away. If you arrive on the island through the marina of Ciutadella, the distance is 50 km.

Public Transport

Es Castell is connected by public bus with Mahón’s bus central station. Here, you can catch one of the buses that travel the island.

Another option is to take the water taxi from Calesfonts to anywhere you want within the marina of Mahón.

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